Online Essential Oils Desk Reference (V5)

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Keeping up with technology, we announce this very exciting product! Identical to the hardcopy version - features include a search engine (search for keywords easily without flipping pages), print one page or multiple pages - whatever you need.

When you register it is vitally important that you write your login details down. We have had several customers who haven't been able to login and on investigation have been using incorrect username/password combinations. This is a great product!


It is a fantastic tool  thank you!  I've been meaning to let you know how good it is!


All the benefits of the Essential Oils Desk Reference Legacy Edition (5th Edition) and none of the weight. This online version of the Essential Oils Desk Reference Legacy Edition (5th Edition) is visually identical to the hard copy version and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection (even Golden Arches but we never go there so we're only guessing ;-). Can be accessed through any internet browser which means it is platform independent and is available through PC's, Mac's, iPhones, Smartphones, anything that will run a browser.

A once only fee ensures your continued access to this marvellous resource.

How it works:

Purchase a license just like any other product on this site, which is uniquely yours, we email you the license, you follow the link and create a username and password. Login and that's it!

Front Cover Pic you will see after you login with your unique Username and Password.


Section Guide showing the major headings.


The Table of Contents listing the Chapter headings and subheadings (identical to hardcopy version)


Essential Oils Blends Application Guide


Ningxia Red Section giving the background and science behind this amazing superfood.


The Raindrop Section illustating a practical application of the Essential Oils and Blends. 


Please note that there will be no refunds on this item after 2 days from the date of your purchase.